HostNOC Container Management & Orchestration Services

Modern-day organizations are seeking high-performance solutions for their businesses. They require software solutions which are lightweight, precisely scalable and are available in isolated virtual environments to run their applications. If your company is working with a multitude of applications running on containers, you of all have a dire need to keep all your containers managed.

Pragmatically Powerful Container Management Services

Our State-Of-The-Art Container Management Service Is Based On Dockers And Kubernetes

If your company is working with a multitude of applications running on containers, you of all have a dire need to keep all your containers managed.

HOSTNOC offers a pragmatically powerful container management services. Our state-of-the-art container management service is based on Dockers and Kubernetes. We provide containerized application lifecycle management, the kind that no other platform offers in the world.

Here’s what we do, differently. Our Cloud Container Service allows users to create, run and manage applications on distributed cloud clusters. HOSTNOC makes sure that your experts can entirely focus on building the application, while our experts can help you install, operate and scale container clusters through our fantastic platform. Once set, you will never have to look back on container infrastructures for hassles. We are here to manage everything for you.

Offering the Next Generation Cloud Container Orchestration

A trending buzzword on the market is Container Orchestration. If you have come across the term, you know how painfully depressing it gets if you are not able to orchestrate your containers. You don’t want to get your head stuck in cumbersome deployment costs, hardware resources and overheads; with our cloud container orchestration, we make sure to provide you an automated solution which is not only hardware free but does not shave off your significant business expenditures.

Now experience the Best in Class Container Orchestration only at HOSTNOC

We offer different container orchestration technologies to users so they can build and manage applications from scratch. HOSTNOC enables access to technological services such as Docker, Apache Mesos, CoreOS/Rkt and Kubernetes to users so they can experience a streamlined process of deploying containers on their privileged host.

  • Automated deployments
  • Easily scalable and portable
  • Run multiple nodes and containers without affecting performance
  • Failover and high availability
  • Remove complexity and increase security
  • Simple management interface

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Kubernetes Distributed As A Service

Seeking an open-source platform to automate all the processes for your containerized applications? Look no further, HostNOC is here to provide you an experience beyond expectations.

We distribute Kubernetes-as-a-Service which enables you to group all containers for your application. Kubernetes are technologies backed up by Google with more than 15 years of experience in running production workloads. These highly trustworthy technologies can provide you all the logical units required for easy management.

HOSTNOC Elastic Containers As A Service (HOSTNOC ECS)

If you are looking for an easy solution to run and scale containerized applications, then try HOSTNOC Elastic Container Service. It is a highly scalable container orchestration service supported with Docker containers. With HostNoc ECS, it eliminates the requirement of installation and operation of your container orchestration software. It enables you to run and scale containerized application without any hassles.

An ECS Container Instance is an EC2 instance that is running the ECS container agent and has been registered into an ECS cluster. Manage Your Orchestration Cluster with Absolute Ease.



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