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Speed is commodity and everyone wants a faster delivery process. With the introduction to Software-define networks (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) technologies, a huge shift in deployment speed and the usage of networking hardware is observed. But getting there can become a perilous journey, unless you don’t deploy faster agile development models. When codes are processed by developers in real-time environments, the code is much more stable and secure.

One of the heavenly recognized agile development process is Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). The gradual shift of adaptation to agile methodologies has resulted in easy migration of network functions from hardware to software. Organizations, nowadays, are seeking rapid service deliveries while addresses reliability and performance to meet rising business demands.

Effective development processes requires robust tools that can make CI/CD processes efficient. With the use of such tools, integration into CI/CD test pipeline becomes seamless. Strong CI/CD tools create virtual and physical infrastructures which provides users unified visibility. Clarity in visibility results in producing more proficient results and enhance the troubleshooting factor, one way or another.

What More We Offer

Unleash the Power of Jenkins

One of the top most open-source automation project on the market is Jenkins. There are thousands of plugins on the market, but Jenkins is one such tool which eradicates the element of excess time consumption among your software teams. Working as a standalone CI server, Jenkins ensure outstanding bug detection and code analysis.

Pre-Built Packages for UNIX, OSX and Windows – Quick Server Configuration using Interface – Source Code Management, Administrative Management Plugins – Deployable Network Machines – Engaging Community with Recognized Software Brands

Transform CI Experience with TeamCity

Powered by Jetbrains, TeamCity is an intelligent CI server solution which creates sophisticated software environments. It offers a vast range of features which makes sure your experts never feel disappointed with the level of performance. You can start with TeamCity in just a matter of minutes, it is a platform designed to engage with all modern software stacks and platforms on the go.

Full Support for Visual Studio – Foundation built to Avoid Code Duplication – Advanced Version Control and Project Structuring – Detailed Logs on Failures and Builds – Utilize the power of Cloud to Scale Dynamically

Create Custom Experiences with Optimized CI Tools

If development projects aren’t paid much attention, they are bound to fail and crash. Although, code writing experience can turn out to be a fun experience, managing it in real-time and other dependencies can send you into a labyrinth. It usually occurs when you are expanding your codebase and adding more rich features to the platform. At HostNoc, our aim is to provide developers a much easier resolve. We provide your experts to de-stress their work with continuous integration tools.

A More Refined Coding Practice – Help Avoid Integration Pitfalls – Automate Tedious Tasks – Quick Backtracking of Processes – Maintain Neat & Clean Record

Leverage the Power of CodeDeploy

Software deployments can be fully automated, all thanks to CodeDeploy. It enables you to test your application across a number of environments, including test and production. With CodeDeploy, the aspect of releasing features become a whole lot easier. You can significantly avoid downtime or experience any challenging situation while updating applications.

Easy to Adopt – Centralized Control – Automated Deployment – Rapid Feature Release

Resolve Git with CodeCommit.

Put aside your fears of maintaining code in Git repositories, with CodeCommit you get a fully managed source control service. It allows you to host highly secure and scalable Git repositories to run your business operations. From source code to binaries, CodeCommit enables you to secure any type of information. It further allows you to eliminate the requirement of scaling infrastructures.

Integrate Git Management tools – Create Faster Development Lifecycle – Experience High-Availability – Store in a Secure Environment

Deploy CI/CD with CodePipeline

A fast and reliable CI and CD service on the market is CodePipeline. It allows you to build, test and deploy codes with exceptional ease. You can optimize your codebase solutions with multiple features and updates. With CodePipeline, you can create end-to-end solutions by leveraging the power of pre-built plugins. Either, make use of third party service or integrate custom plugins, CodePipeline is the optimum solution for you

Product Integration – Product Deployment – Easy Documentation – Rapid Delivery – Configuration Workflows



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