Why Should you Consider a Serverless Application?

Serverless applications are dependent on third-party services for managing server-side logic in the cloud environment. Switching vendors in a serverless infrastructure is indeed, a cumbersome task. It requires constant updating of tools which are supervising your code and its design.

HOSTNOC’s introduces Serverless Application Management service. Having difficulties with over-reliance on third-party APIs or architectural complexities? Let HOSTNOC handle and resolve these issues with state-of-the-art distributed debugging and monitoring tools.

Serverless infrastructure gives your developers the freedom and stress-free environment that allows them to focus on their core tasks instead of continuously worrying about keeping servers up and optimized, ensuring frequent backups. This also eradicates the need for making investments in infrastructure thereby greatly reducing your overheads in the form of hardware acquisition costs, server management/maintenance costs or application hosting costs.

Behold! HostNoc Leverages the Power of AWS Lambda

HOSTNOC provides management for serverless applications powered by AWS Lambda. This enables you to run codes in real-time without the hassles of servers. With a serverless application, you have to pay no attention to server administration. All you have to do is upload your code and let Lambda optimize everything for you. Pay only for the compute time you consume online.
Here’s why AWS Lambda is the right option for your serverless application solution:

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Continuous Scaling

AWS Lambda automatically scales your application by constantly triggering a code each time you run the application. As the size of workload increases, your scaling requirement increases.

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SubSecond Metering

Get charged for every 100ms you consume as the code executes on AWS Lambda. You get charged for as many times as the code get triggered. If you are idle, you don’t pay anything.

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IT Automation

You can optimize all your serverless functionalities using the AWS Lambda. Planning to introduce a new operational process or business module without much hassle, leverage the power of IT Automation

Value Added Benefits for Your Serverless Business Solution

By hiding several web server components, underlying software reliability and scalability aspects from the developer, HostNoc provides enterprise businesses a clean, sophisticated, performance optimized and error-free function rich approach to triggering business logic. here’s what HostNoc offers to you as a management service provider:

No Server Management

Surrounded with worries regarding runtime, setup cost or installation of servers? With serverless application, you need not to administer them at all. No server means no maintenance.

Flexible Scaling

Flexibly scale applications by adjusting capacity using the toggle feature on units of consumptions instead of operating separate units of individual servers.

Automated High Availability

All serverless applications come with built-in fault tolerance attribute. There is no such need to setup a separate architect for these features as the service running the app provides it by default.



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