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Host NOC runs some of the largest cloud platforms dedicated server setups in the world, aimed at enterprises, independent organizations, and small ventures alike. With a strong history of maintaining and launching clouds and a wide host of happy clients to our name, we are your go-to partners when it comes to offering server support to organizations worldwide. Whenever people come across complex managed services and hosting issues, we are the ones they think of. We are experts in providing the most top-notch customized solutions that are specifically customized to cater to the individual needs of our clients.

Our managed services

Server Management

When it comes to your business’s IT infrastructure, servers remain an indispensable aspect. All your servers need to be fast, accessible round the clock, secure, dependable, and extremely reliable. All your servers need to be prepared to support the growth velocity and goals of your company and aligned seamlessly. They must be maintained, managed, and monitored on a regular period.

Cloud Management

The services provided by HOSTNOC span wider than private and public clouds to include bare-metal and virtualized environments as well. HOSTNOC empowers your in-house team to glean control and visibility over both non-cloud and cloud environments to facilitate your customers.

DDoS Proxy Protection

A meticulously executed DDoS attack can cause your application or website to appear off the grid and unavailable to users. Not only does it wreak havoc on the performance of your digital solution, it completely thwarts your online traffic from reaching you. Every instant of website downtime can cost you a fortune of litigations, especially if you are an enterprise solution. This is where HOSTNOC comes in; to safeguard your infrastructure.

Our products

Web Hosting

Web hosting needs the highest level of trust as much as it needs performance. Being the pioneer of web hosting, Host NOC offers a stellar range of web hosting platforms for our clients to choose from, be it Microsoft Windows based hosting or the more famous Linux cPanel based hosting.


Only the most industry compliant and trusted SSD storage standards are used to build our virtual private servers from scratch. Leverage the prowess of enhanced control, flexibility, and power for your websites and applications.

Dedicated servers

Leverage the power of reliable and super-efficient dedicated Windows or Linux based servers when you partner with an innovative and professional server hosting provider. Our dedicated root servers are enabled to offer you the utmost level of efficiency, flexibility, and availability, and the most cutting-edge processors, state of the art hardware, and unlimited resources. After analyzing your unique business needs, get your own server at a package which suits your pockets, or create an individually configured and tailored server to align with your unique business goals.

Cloud Hosting Service

Leveraging the most state-of-the-art technology and industry know-how, the cloud hosting platform offered by Host NOC is reliable, auto-scalable, ultra-fast, customizable according to your unique requirements, and come with a round the clock support. Regardless of whether you are hosting a traffic-intensive enterprise site or launching a small project, Host NOC is your go-to cloud hosting option.

Platform Support

Our par-industry platforms explain why you should include the modernization of all on-premises infrastructure in your overall strategy. Our infrastructures span wider than public and private cloud.

What we do



We Keeps Your Website Up and Running

Proactive monitoring and support offered by Host NOC keeps your website downtime to a minimum and keeps a hawk’s eye to nip all potential threats and attacks in the bud!



Web Hosting Made Easy Now!

Reliable, responsive, and fast, HostNoc is a name to contend with when it comes to offering cost efficient and pocket-friendly web hosting services needed to maintain the most successful, uninterrupted and seamless Internet presence for businesses. We offer a host of flexible hosting services, running the gamut from every-day economy hosting packages to more advanced packages to meet the unique needs of your business.

what we can guarantee

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99.9% Uptime Guarantee
24/7 Monitoring
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24*7*365 Premium Support
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