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Los Angeles Dedicated Server Plans designed to get the most bang for your buck.

Now 25% Off! - $39.99 /Month

Original $49.99/month

  • Server
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • HN-LA1
  • Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2 3.3 GHz 4 cores
  • 16 GB DDR3
  • 1× 1 TB (HDD SATA)
  • 1 Gbps 100 TB
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Now 25% Off! - $84.99 /Month

Original $106.24/month

  • Server
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • HN-LA2
  • Intel Xeon E3-1240 v2 3.4 GHz 4 cores
  • 16 GB DDR3
  • 1× 2 TB (HDD SATA)
  • 1 Gbps Unmetered
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Now 25% Off! - $119.99 /Month

Original $149.99/month

  • Server
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • Storage
  • Bandwidth
  • HN-LA3
  • Intel Dual Xeon E5-2630L 2 GHz 6 cores
  • 32 GB DDR3
  • 1× 2 TB (HDD SATA)
  • 1 Gbps Unmetered
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Why Choose Us

HOSTNOC leverages some of the best hardware for its Los Angeles dedicated servers so you can deliver an amazing web experience to your website visitors.

Built for Speed & Performance

Powerful configuration options that deliver fast and butter-smooth user experience for virtually any magnitude of workloads.

When it comes to long-term heavy workload management, you'll pay less for more on dedicated servers ranging from low-end to multi-processors with hundreds of Gbs of memory.

Absolute Security

A bare-metal server means you're aware of the hardware and software stack. This allows you to remove any gaps that can compromise security.

4- Premium Hardware - 65x65

Premium Hardware

HOSTNOC never compromises on performance, which is why they choose the best hardware for their Los Angeles dedicated servers so you can get trail-blazing performance and speed.
5- Futuristic Techno - 65x65

Futuristic Technology

HOSTNOC harnesses the power of the latest technology for balancing the load, which helps us deliver exceptional performance even under heavy loads.
6- DDos Protection - 65x65

DDoS Protection

We safeguard your website from cyberattacks with our DDoS protection. Don’t let hackers bring your website down or make it inaccessible ever again.

Flexibility and Customization You Will love

Custom Packages

Can’t find the right package according to your business needs? HOSTNOC lets you create a fully customizable package so you can pay only for what you need.

Something for Everyone

HOSTNOC offers a wide array of products and services catering to your diverse needs. From Los Angeles dedicated servers to web hosting, cloud servers to managed servers, you can get everything you need under one roof.

Choose Your Own Platform

HOSTNOC gives you the liberty to choose your favorite operating system to run on Los Angeles dedicated servers. You can choose from Windows or Linux-based Los Angeles dedicated servers according to your preferences.

Special Features

99.99% SLA backed guaranteed uptime

Make downtimes a part of history with our high uptime guarantee.

Trustworthy Technical Support

Our technical support will never let you down and solve technical issues as soon as they arise.

Powerful Hardware

HOSTNOC carefully selects some of the best hardware for its servers to deliver an outstanding experience.

Constant Performance and Security Monitoring

No performance and security issue can go unnoticed with our 24/7 security and performance monitoring.

Data backups

Stop worrying about losing access to your data in case of disaster, thanks to a data backup facility.

DDoS protection

Do not let cybersecurity attacks and data breaches cripple your website and make them inaccessible with solid DDoS protection.

Experience unrivaled performance from the best-dedicated servers in Los Angeles

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