Cloud Management

March 15, 2023
Cloud Repatriation

Cloud Repatriation: Everything You Need To Know

A vast majority of businesses who have jumped on the cloud bandwagon are unable to take full advantage of it. Limited control, lack of visibility or […]
February 16, 2023
Cloud Access Security Broker

Cloud Access Security Broker: Everything You Need To Know

According to cloud access security broker statistics, the cloud access security broker market has grown exponentially during the last four years. It went from $870 million […]
February 2, 2023
Cloud Cost Management

Cloud Cost Management: The Ultimate Guide

According to cloud cost management statistics, small and medium size enterprises spent an estimated 47% of their technology budgets on cloud services in 2022. This translates […]
July 25, 2022
Cloud Gaming

Cloud Gaming: The New Wave That Is About To Take The Gaming Industry By Storm

According to cloud gaming statistics, the global cloud gaming market was valued at $1.48 billion in 2021 and is predicted to grow to a whopping $6.3 […]
July 7, 2022
Hiring Managed Cloud Services

7 Factors IT Leaders Must Consider When Hiring Managed Cloud Services

If you look at the list of challenges IT leaders have to face, you will find talent shortfall, skill shortages, cybersecurity attacks, data breaches, work-related stress, […]
April 29, 2021
5 Common Cloud Configuration Mistakes You Should Never Make

5 Common Cloud Configuration Mistakes You Should Never Make

Cloud has its advantages, which is why most businesses are adopting it. Benefits such as being able to provide access to data from anywhere is compelling […]
July 8, 2020

10 Powerful Reasons Why Your Business Should Choose Managed Cloud Services

According to MarketsandMarkets report on managed cloud services, the market size of cloud managed services will reach $62.4 billion in 2020 and $116.2 billion in 2025, […]
January 9, 2020

What Will Be the Future of Cloud? 5 Ways Cloud Computing Will Evolve In 2020

Cloud computing is no longer just a buzzword, it is a technology that is transforming the world. Businesses have stopped believing in most common cloud myths. […]
August 6, 2019

7 Cloud Security Best Practices Every Business Must Follow To Protect Their Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud technology has been around for quite some time now and offers many advantages which have led to its wider adoption. Unfortunately, it has also been […]
April 18, 2019

7 Common IT Automation Mistakes You Should Steer Clear of

IT departments have to face extreme pressure of increasing organizational efficiency and keeping the cost down. Moreover, they are also responsible for delivering tangible business value […]
April 2, 2019

Busting 7 Common Cloud Myths which could be Keeping you in the Dark

Cloud computing is one of the hottest topics in tech circles and cloud has become a buzzword. Despite all the hoopla surrounding cloud computing and its […]
November 19, 2018

All You Need to Know about the Different type of Cloud Hosting Models

Matt thought it would be a great idea to start with his own online business and he chose to begin his digital venture by creating an […]
October 5, 2018

7 Advantages of Hybrid Industrial Cloud That Every Business Should Know

Cloud computing has become a buzzword lately but is all the hype really justified? If you ask me, I would venture a yes. Why? The impact […]

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