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AdTech and MarTech hosting solutions.

Dominate Your Industry With HOSTNOC’s AdTech and Martech Hosting

Here are some of the reasons why choose HOSTNOC AdTech and MarTech hosting solutions.

What Do We Offer?

We help you achieve your marketing and advertising goals by offering:

State of the Art Infrastructure

Content Delivery Network

High Availability


What Our Clients Say About Us

  • I am a return customer, and glad to be back. Although pricing at HostNoc is competitive, there was another provider with a much better deal for what I wanted. But based on my previous experience here, I chose to click that chat popup and start a dialog with sales to see what could be done. As always, person on the other end took time to understand what my requirements were and what the alternative pricing was. Then after a few minutes, gave me a quote that more or less matched the competition. There was no second thought - I signed up again instantly. Thank you Sam, appreciate your help and taking the time to win me back over.
    Shawn Debnath
    Dedicated Servers Client
  • They are helping me 24 hours fast answered to me, very helpful than other sites so I strongly recommend this site.
    Dedicated Servers Client
  • Much Migrations and transfers and holdups been happening in a short time with experiences of online servers and remarkable situations and issues prevailed for upstanding performances at impressive rate. even though I'm in development stages lately, many things have been gathered, and necessary material are being fulfilled for corrective and upmost performance from both sides. great responses and absolute satisfaction of recommended services.
    Joel Samson
    ComputerMania and a Byte Extra

Streamline Your Marketing and Advertising Workflows For Higher Efficiency and Revenue

Extract actionable insights from data, create custom dashboards and reports, automate your marketing and advertising workflows and do much more with HOSTNOC’s AdTech and MarTech hosting solutions. Get in touch with us via

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