Cloud-Based Backup And Storage Management Services

Does your cloud’s overall security strategy incorporate a disaster recovery plan? Have you placed enough safeguards that ensure you’re protected against data loss, necessary storage hardware is fail-proof and proactive monitoring and backup activities are frequently carried out?

In this information age, data is the most valuable asset for any organization. That’s why it is imperative that mission-critical data present on your servers remains protected at all times from getting lost and damaged. Having a robust, proactive and fast-paced cloud data backup and storage management system in place is no small feat. It requires a solid team of professionals and infrastructural resources at your disposal to develop, manage and scale such a complex system.

We, at HOSTNOC, know that this is not every organization’s core competence and that’s why we offer customizable cloud backup services that match different business unique needs. From lightning fast to the extremely resilient and cost-effective depository, HOSTNOC offers a wide array of reliable, scalable and secure cloud-based backup and storage management services.

Protect your data with a cloud-based backup as a service.

Advantages of Cloud Backup Management Services

Avoid Unnecessary Costs

With HostNOC you get a pay-as-you-go solution. This gives you the ability to protect only the data that’s mission-critical for your business and save thousands by opting out on non-essential data. You also get the opportunity to select the duration of how long you wish to retain the data.

User-Authentication & Data Protection

Limiting access to precious data is very important. We do this to ensure only selected users can access your backups and restore them. Any suspicious activity is immediately notified before data integrity is compromised. In case of unauthorized deletions, deleted files remain on the cloud for days for you to easily recover.

Easy Deployment

We offer a quick and hassle-free approach to backing up your cloud and support both with Windows, Linux platforms. Through a smart dashboard, we’re quickly able to decide exactly what you want to restore in case the need arises. It takes just a few clicks to backup and restore your data.

Reduce Your Server Load

Whenever we’re backing up backup your cloud, we ensure that the performance of your website or application never degrades. This is done by constantly monitoring and tweaking the backup process.



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