Without a doubt, the Internet of Things is now becoming a deep-rooted fragment of our daily lives, and when it comes to addressing security, IoT powered devices are exceptionally susceptible to nasty DDoS attacks. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is the kind of attack that floods your network infrastructure with a large number of requests coming from an infected system. This rapid flooding of a single system results in compromising the system’s performance and eventually the system goes down.

Susceptibility in IoT devices is what leaves them defenseless and put millions of them at risk. If organizations dealing with IoT solutions fail to adhere with a full-bodied DDoS proxy protection service, they not only compromise their own business but also thousands of other businesses using their products.

With the passage of time, these bots have moved out of the circumference of network layers and are now radically affecting the application layer. DDoS Attackers have identified that an appropriate DDoS protection service does not usually support application layers, and without active DDoS prevention service, the damage inflicted requires far fewer resources and have more unfathomable consequences on operations.

A perfectly planned DDoS attack can easily knock your website or application off the grid from the Internet. It can degrade the performance of your digital presence and can make it unavailable for your online traffic. Every second your website or application is down or inaccessible will result in financial damages starting from thousands of dollars all the way to a million mark if you are a large enterprise.

Customers don’t like to wait! Their time is precious than the service you offer and their expectations are above the stars. Without the right proxy protection, DDoS attacks of destructive nature can taint your brand image. You can suffer a loss of revenue and potential customers.

That’s precisely why we are here; we are here to protect your infrastructure. We are going to do it, the same way as we protect one of our own. We offer you easy-to-configure DDoS attack protection which will never send your business to compromise again. Our state-of-the-art DDoS protection service ensures that your server stays protected from all malicious attacks.

Ultrafast & Stellar Performance DDoS Protection Service for Everyone

In today’s day and age, reliance on automated anti-DDoS tools or bandwidth reserves for DDoS protection is not enough. Our SOC personnel operate for customers around the world and provide robust support 24/7/365. Using the latest DDoS filtering techniques, advance routing and a number of anti-DoS hardware & software resources, our SOC personnel remove any traffic from your website or application if it indicates noticeable signs of botnet activity.

Our teams respond back to your query in 30-minutes and using a mix of tools remove every concern surrounding DDoS attack on your website or application. We make sure that your web application is up and running within no time. While we resolve solution, we ensure to maintain website availability and high-performance during a DDoS attack takes place by leveraging our distributed architecture.

Our SOCs are staffed with engineers around the clock who responds in real-time. We maintain our reputation on the market with our:


360° DDoS Protection Services

Our team is equipped with the typical power of reviving back websites from even the low and slow encrypted Layer 7 attacks that cripples the application performance. Whether an MX, DNS or web infrastructure, our SOC teams are skilled in protecting everything immaculately. From remote proxy protection to adding an extra layer on remote nodes, we make sure that only clean traffic is allowed to pass through. Our world-class DDoS protection solution ensures that DDoS attacks reduced on all Layers including 3, 4 and 7. Worrying about session hijacks, cross-site scripting attacks or SQL injects? You don’t have to anymore. HostNoc DDoS Protection Service will make sure to keep your business away from such assualts.

Incredible Mail Server Protection

Communication through email is objectively critical for all modern day businesses. Your business can succumb to ransomware, malware, phishing, spam and keyloggers. Emails are growing dramatically, you leave your inbox for a while and it floods with a number of unread messages. As much as they are growing in numbers, they are also growing in complexity. At HostNoc, we care about your mailbox more than you do. We don’t want you to send your business at risk, just because of an email. Hence, we ensure that our mail protection service covers every facet so you can easily communicate via emails.

Highly Secure DNS Server Protection

The extent of security is increased with the increase in hacking incidents on DNS servers. Dangerous attacks have send many DNS servers at risk. Your website can turn into a hub of hackers in just a matter of minutes. They can turn your website offline and can carry out multiple amplification and reflection attacks. As a small or medium sized business, you can’t afford to take that risk! We are here to protect your DNS servers by offering you the peace of mind by offering high class DNS Server protection.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

What is CDN? It is a network of distributed servers that enables you to deliver content across the web to different locations. A strong CDN service provides a secure and reliable path for your content to be evenly distributed and offer increased web performance. HostNoc delivers your content through the fastest possible routes ensuring that your website is performance oriented. By combining all three services such as WAF, DDoS and DNS protection, we ensure that your content is placed safely in front of all end-users.

Impeccable WAF Security

Abbreviated for Web Application Firewall, WAF is around the clock available security service that ensures your application from all common attacks. If you don’t want your application to eat up valuable resources, WAF ensures that your application is security foolproof. Our WAF security service is a state-of-the-art security service which allows you to fully control traffic coming to your website. You make sure which of them are needed to be blocked and which of them are to be allowed on your website. With WAF security, you can permanently lock the doors on cross-site scripting, SQL injections and more.

Are you tired of not taking real-time actions against traffic spikes? It’s time to create some new rules and deploy them. Are you too occupied to manually draft your own set of rules, we offer customized API solutions that deals with the automation of deployment, maintenance and creation of web security rules. Get more in return for all that you have paid with our remarkable WAF security service.

All our pricing plans are extremely flexible, you can integrate WAF security with a CDN solution. Let’s safeguard your web servers once and for all.


With a world-class team of NOC technicians, we provide unmatched remote monitoring services 24×7/365 ensuring your IT infrastructure is efficient with a 100% uptime guarantee.

20 December, 2019

7 Key Takeaways From 7 Data Breaches In 2019 To Guide Your Cybersecurity Strategy In 2020

According to Risk Based Security’s report, almost 8 billion records were exposed in the first nine months of 2019. There were more than 5,000 data breaches during that time, which is 33% higher as compared to last year. Six out of those 5000 breaches exposed 100 million records. This made 2019 one of the worst years as far as cybersecurity is concerned. If that trend continues, 2020 could be even worse for businesses. If businesses want to turn things around and make 2020 as their best year as far as cybersecurity is concerned, then they should learn from their mistakes in 2019 and improve their cybersecurity. In this article, you will learn about seven key takeaways from some of the biggest data breaches in 2019, which would help you stay safe in 2020. 1. Data Aggregators Will Be at Risk Verifications.io, an email verification service provider, left their MongoDB database…

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