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HostNOC offers super-charged managed Magento hosting solutions, optimized with the latest technology stack, to ensure optimum store performance, ironclad security, on-demand scalability, and guaranteed peace of mind with round the clock monitoring.

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Now 25% Off! $11.25 /Month

Original $15/month

  • Server HN-DC1
  • RAM 1GB
  • Processor 1 Core
  • Storage 25GB
  • Bandwidth 1TB
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Now 25% Off! $30.00 /Month

Original $40/month

  • Server HN-DC2
  • RAM 2GB
  • Processor 1 Core
  • Storage 50GB
  • Bandwidth 2TB
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Now 25% Off! $37.50 /Month

Original $50/month

  • Server HN-DC3
  • RAM 2GB
  • Processor 2 Core
  • Storage 60GB
  • Bandwidth 3 TB
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Now 25% Off! $37.50 /Month

Original $50/month

  • Server HN-DC4
  • RAM 2GB
  • Processor 4 Core
  • Storage 80GB
  • Bandwidth 4TB
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Now 25% Off! $37.50 /Month

Original $50/month

  • Server HN-DC5
  • RAM 4GB
  • Processor 8 Core
  • Storage 160GB
  • Bandwidth 5 TB
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Now 25% Off! $45.00 /Month

Original $60/month

  • Server HN-DC6
  • RAM 16GB
  • Processor 8 Core
  • Storage 320GB
  • Bandwidth 6 TB
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Performance and Functionality that exceed expectations

From acquisition to conversion, delivering ecommerce pages quickly and securely is at the heart of running a successful Magento-based online shop. With free SSL, cPanel support, hassle free migrations, regular backups, incredible uptime, round-the-clock support, and always-on monitoring, our server management teams ensure your success! Fully-managed Magento hosting solutions are optimized for maximum performance, helping you earn more with effortless store creation and Instant Store Search. HostNOC is 100% optimized to deliver the performance, reliability, scalability, and security your Magento store needs to thrive. We help you stay focused on what is essential while we do the rest for you.

Timely System Updates

To keep your systems updated is a pivotal element for the success of any organization’s operations. That’s why HostNOC employs an automated system update mechanism that keeps track of your OS’s essential updates. You’ll never have to ask us to update your server — we’ll keep it updated all the time.

Frequent Backups & Prompt Recovery

Backup and recovery options are included in all of our server management plans. To give you peace of mind, we ensure your data’s security by deploying R1soft’s CDP enterprise server and native cloud backup solutions. This includes daily backups and multiple retention schedules to fit your security needs.

Simplified Configuration Management

Worried about choosing which of the hosting stack is the fastest and compatible with your application? Fret not. Whether it’s Apache or Nginx. MariaDB or MySQL. With HostNOC on your side, you can rest assured that your application has the fastest stack available to you.


Global CDN

Your static content, such as images, will be distributed across our extensive network of global datacenters. No matter where your visitors are coming from, they will surely experience a trailblazing load speed. Our out-of-the-box, premium CDN and advanced caching for ultra-fast loading help drive unparalleled performance and speed. Our built-in Full-Page Cache for Magento significantly boosts the performance of your store.

Scale as you Grow

Different stores have different needs, which grow with your business. Automatically upgrade the RAM, processor, bandwidth, and storage of your server to handle the traffic surge without permanently upgrading your plan. Manage unexpected surges easily and avoid website slowdowns.

Responsive Design

To make sure your website loads quick and is well laid out for mobile users, we guarantee responsiveness for all types of devices, giving you the freedom to build your site the way you want it, responsively.

Premium Features for Maximum Reliability

Hassle-free Setup & Migrate

Running your online shop in the cloud helps you get unparalleled performance. Our cPanel support makes your hosting administrative tasks easier and less time consuming. Need help moving your Magento store to our hosting environment? We offer seamless migrations without any loss of data or services. Our experts take care of all the phases involved in WordPress migration.

Top-grade Servers

Our top-of-the-line servers feature enterprise-level SSD drives for maximum speed and stability for your Magento Store. Our top-of-the-line hardware and software is complemented by our outstanding 100% fully managed USA-based support.

Cloud Hosting with Fixed Billing

Our fully managed Magento hosting offers fixed billing with no surprises. A nominal up-front cost and you can pay for the duration that you are willing to use. Easy renewal process.

Features & Specs

Automated Data Backups

Take the hassle out of backups with automatic backups and simple data restore option.

World-class Hosting Infrastructure

Data centers around the world, premium CDN, dedicated servers, and performance monitoring of code, themes, & plugins.

Easy Management

Monitor performance and track customer behavior from a centralized dashboard to optimize your selling experience and increase sales.

SSL Ready

A dedicated IP makes your site ready for installing an SSL certificate and having the store load securely through https.

Best-in-class Security

Multiple firewalls, daily malware scanning, automated Magento security patching, full account isolation and free one-click SSL certificates.

Proactive Monitoring

24/7 proactive monitoring ensures 99.99% uptime and no bad gateways, including Server Health Checkups, Transaction Monitoring, and SSL Monitoring.

Multiple Caching Layers

Optimize your site to load with maximum speed and efficiency and wow your customers.

Easy Store Management

Add products and manage your inventory, choose from over a dozen shipping options, and get access to key management data.

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