Arindo Talks About WordPress Website Development And Things That You Should Know

Arindo Talks About WordPress Website Development And Things That You Should Know

Today, at HostNOC, we got the chance to interview Arindo Duque, the founder of WP Admin Pages PRO and WP Ultimo. Arindo is the founder of these amazing products that help developers transform WordPress Multisite Networks that can serve as a Website as a Service (WaaS) and help users to create websites with different membership levels.

Question No. 1​: As different web development platforms are making it easy for a person to develop websites, how do you think WP Admin Pages Pro, which is your company can help new business help out in that? And also tell us something more about WP Admin Pages Pro?

WP Admin Pages PRO aims to allow developers and agencies to display user-friendly tutorials and content right inside the WordPress admin panel. Using it, you are able to create helper blocks, contact forms, add videos and a lot of cool stuff using your favorite page builder. It allows you to educate your end clients right at the page where they might face some difficulties.

For example, let’s suppose you want to add a video tutorial on how to add a new post right at the top of the Add New Post page on the WordPress admin. WP Admin Pages PRO allows you to do just that. The WordPress admin interface is super intuitive for us professionals that work on the web all day long. That might not be the case for your end clients.

Question No. 2​: What do you think one should look for when selecting a page builder for WordPress when it comes to making single scroll/one-page websites?

It depends on who is going to be using the site day-to-day. When talking about one-page sites, speed should be one of the top priorities. Then, the quality of the output of the page builder is something to consider. You should prefer page builders that output cleaner, smaller code and handle assets more intelligently. If the person dealing with the page builder is your end client – someone that might not be particularly familiar with the web – something with an intuitive UI/UX should also be preferred.

Question No. 3​: Since you’re an expert in this field, what do you think about the outlook of a website, and what impacts the most in UI and UX?

If we’re talking in terms of UX, nothing beats a site that loads fast. A difference of one second in loading time can be the difference between converting or not a new customer. Sites are getting simpler and simpler nowadays, and that’s a good thing. Creating simpler sites is a challenge though, something hard to get right.

Question No. 4​: Arindo, as you know web hosting may have effect on SEO as well as in the development process, which kind of web hosting do you prefer for your clients?

Google and other search engines, much like your site visitors, care a lot about your site’s velocity. With that in mind, managed hosting tends to provide better results since they are able to provide optimizations such as caching solutions, CDN, with the click of a button usually.

Question No. 5​: We know Google considers “UI and UX” as the ranking aspect, we visited your website and saw names of different page builders, Elementor and WP Bakery are the most used page builders, which one do you think is working much better (as a developer)?

It’s hard to rank page builders. WP Bakery was one of the first page builders to pop up, and as such, it has a huge user base. it does feel a bit legacy nowadays, especially considering the level of innovation happening in that space. Elementor is super-simple to use, but there are builders for pretty much everyone in the market at the moment. Oxygen for the more technical, Brizy which can be used by pretty much anyone instantly regardless of tech-savviness, etc.

Question No. 6​: As a Senior Web Developer, what do you think are the key factors a newbie web developer should consider while building a landing page for the business?

Keep it simple and try to make it fast. Users are used to fancy sites now, Try to innovate going the other way around.

Question No. 7​: Workplace is like a second home, would you like to share some of the snaps of where you work? As well as how do you manage work-life balance?

In our case, it is actually like our first home, haha. We left our office in Juiz de Fora, Brazil in late September and are working from home now (that’s because my wife and I have moved to Madrid, Spain at the beginning of October), so we are basically working from the dinner table in our new home at the moment, haha. I do have plans to get an office here, but we are trying to settle in before that happens.

Question No. 8​: Lastly, as you know, ​ ​HostNOC​ arranged this beautiful meeting between you and the readers. We’re a web hosting service provider who helps clients fulfill their web hosting, domain and cloud needs. We would like you to add some of your wisdom bits to tell our users how important it is to have a digital presence in today’s world.

Having a digital presence nowadays is a must. People will search for you online and if they don’t find you, that’s a red flag right there (plus, they’ll probably find your competitors). That applies even to the most analog of businesses. I had to copy a keychain here in Madrid right after we arrived and I went to the first place I was able to find prices and directions online. From now on, that’s probably where I’ll handle all my key-related needs.

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