Interview with Martin Ochwat E-Commerce Virtuoso

Interview with Martin Ochwat E-Commerce Virtuoso

Martin Ochwat is a Canadian maven whose expertise is building eCommerce websites that deliver outstanding ROI to the clients. He has worked with eBay and has been the reason behind the sale of tons of digital video games on the popular marketplace. We are very fortunate to have Martin with us today who will share great insights and tips that will help you to build an ROI-maximizing eCommerce for your business.

Without further ado, let’s head towards Martin and seek answers to the must-know questions about how to build and manage successful eCommerce websites that rake in huge profits and boost customer lifetime value in the long run.

Q1: Hello Martin, so glad to have you on-board, before we dive into our interview, do tell us a bit about yourself?

Martin: Thanks for having me.  I’m a growth marketer and serial entrepreneur who bootstrapped several 7-figure eCommerce businesses.

My experience in digital marketing started when working at a gaming company in Silicon Valley called Machine Zone. There, he helped manage an aggressive >$100 Million annual Facebook ad budget. From this work, I hold a patent in predictive modeling related to ad buying.

After leaving the corporate world, I decided to visit and live in 30 countries over two years. Today, my time is spent helping people with digital marketing at and launching a sustainable personal care brand, Moop.

Q2: You seem to have such a strong grip on blogs, tell us how eCommerce websites can leverage from Blogging?

Martin: Blogging can be a long-term strategy for eCommerce brands to generate sales with organic traffic. It’s important to first select relevant keywords to try and rank for on Google. Then, invest in quality and educational content that’s relevant for your target audience.

One great example is William Sonoma, a brand that sells premium-quality cookware. Their blog shares content on recipes, cooking tips, party features, and more. By investing in high-quality content, William Sonoma generates over 150,000 monthly visitors.

Q3: We get a lot of questions related to Web Hosting, one of them is that “What type of web hosting we should choose to start an E-Commerce website?” Being an expert in eCommerce, how would you address this question?

Martin: For anyone starting in E-Commerce today, Shopify is the easiest way to start. They make it dead simple to set up an online store with plenty of app integrations and a large ecosystem of service providers. Shopify lets you focus on growing your business rather than worrying about things like web hosting.

For any non-Shopify business, there are many good solutions on the market today, including Hostnoc.

Q4: What and who were your inspirations behind choosing this field?

Martin: I’ve always been interested in working on consumer products. Your company and marketing are very public-facing. Being a consumer business also allows you to reach thousands if not millions of people.

Specifically for eCommerce, I was inspired by a college friend who opened a successful online watch business. Having a skillset in digital marketing from working in gaming, eCommerce marketing was a natural transition.

Q5: A quick question, WordPress or Magento or Joomla? Which one do you love the most?

Martin: I’m a huge fan of WordPress for blogging. Basically, for similar reasons that I would recommend Shopify for eCommerce stores.

Q6: Do tell us something about your websites or startups and how do you manage all of these?

Martin: Our latest venture Moop is working to innovate personal care products like shampoo, toothpaste and deodorant. We make all-natural and plastic-free versions of each product. This involves significant R&D and brand creation as we prepare for pre-launch.

I also started this year. It’s been a challenge juggling two websites at the same time. I use the help of my co-founder and a small team to manage day-to-day tasks with each project.

Q7: HostNOC offers web hosting solutions with the fastest loading time. How do you think HostNOC’s brisk loading speed can help businesses rank better on search engines? And what are your views about HostNOC?

Martin: Page load time is one of the most important factors to consider on your website. According to Neil Patel, 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Furthermore, Google will penalize your website on search engines if your page load time is slow. For these reasons, I’d highly recommend going with a trusted web host provider like HostNOC.

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