Stojancho Chavdarov Offers Invaluable Insights On Web Security

Stojancho Chavdarov Offers Invaluable Insights On Web Security

Stojancho Chavdarov is the Senior Network Engineer at Amazon. Stonjancho has over 15 years of experience in tech.

Stojancho Chavdarov worked at big companies, including Amazon, AT&T, Verizon, IBM, and Macedonia On-Line and SITA.

Keeping our promise to bring more professionals onboard for Hostnoc, today we have Stojancho Chavdarov with us.

Hostnoc: Hi Stole, its been great having you on board, let’s start off with your current experience as a Senior Network Engineer at Amazon, what do you like most about this?

Stojancho: In Amazon, we work as a Support team and were 3rd Level support which is taking over from Indian team and passing the work on to US-based team. We follow the sun model. Also, some of the projects that we work on are very critical and interesting too!

Hostnoc: To develop the website, or any software, what are the security cautions one must keep in mind during development?

Stojancho: I use VPN technologies, such as SSL or DMVPN from Cisco, so all the traffic is encrypted when sent to WAN providers.

IPSec is one of the most important protocols on the Internet since IKE creation in 1978.

Also, we maintain all communication with developers via Telegram or Signal as those are some of the best communication programs.

Hostnoc: Stojancho Chavdarov, you have worked in AT&T, Verizon, and SITA. What differences did you find when working at these three places as compared to Amazon? And who do you think is using better technology for firewalls and data protection?

Stojancho: Working for AT&T and Verizon was good because they have many big clients, so I’ve been moved from project to project and got to work on Yara, Diageo and Morgan Stanley as a Network Architect and Lead Engineer.

Working for SITA was different as we only had SITA network as a client and we were doing high-level and low-level designs as well.

Sometimes, we were sent to airports to install routers and switches for that site as the local team was not comfortable with network devices.

Working for Amazon is a bit different as it is one of the biggest companies in the world, juggling many different projects simultaneously.

Hostnoc: Talking about Privacy issues, we hear a lot about compromised privacy, including Facebook and many other tech companies. For tech startups, what would you recommend to secure client data?

Stojancho: Encryption is the most important thing in Networking. Also, we need to be very careful when choosing providers such as WAN. Also, the employees need to have very strong checklists on security for all the devices in the network. We can’t allow system engineers not to encrypt the passwords for all the users because, in case of an attack, the usernames and passwords are the first info the hackers will get at. But if the passwords are encrypted and salted with the latest protocols, the hackers will never gain access to the information they came looking for.

Hostnoc: We find many people searching on Hostnoc for whether they should go for Managed Dedicated Servers or Unmanaged Dedicated Servers. Which one do you recommend?

Stojancho: It all depends on the level of support, but in case the vendor is a good-rated company, I’ll go with Managed Dedicated Servers. Also, here it is very important to understand the price difference for managed/unmanaged servers. It can happen that the managed server is very expensive, in which case, we can opt for an unmanaged server and work on it remotely.

Hostnoc: Hostnoc offers web hosting with the fastest loading time. How do you think Hostnoc’s fast loading speed can help businesses rank better on search engines? and what are your views about Hostnoc?

Stojancho: Web hosting with such a high loading time is great because their CDN system is very well-positioned in the world and users have many servers to reach and are usually served by the closest server.

Businesses will do better on search engines, which will boost business profitability.

Hostnoc is a good provider. The only drawback is that they do not disclose the placement of the datacenters, so users are not 100% clear if hostnoc will fit in their IT strategy.

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