Tosho Trajanov Talks About Empowering Software Developers To Grow Professionally

Tosho Trajanov Talks About Empowering Software Developers To Grow Professionally

Today, we have Tosho Trajanov with us on Hostnoc. Tosho is currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer at Adeva where he helps tech companies scale their engineering teams with world-class talent. Adding more to it, he has also co-founded ‘We Talk IT’ which aims to bring tech people from Macedonia under one umbrella to learn and grow together.

Tosho started his career as a software engineer in a local company, and within a short span of time, he has achieved many goals a person of his age can hardly imagine.

Without further ado, let’s ask some informative Hostnocs from Tosho.

Hostnoc: Tosho, it is great to have you here. Before we start, we would like to know more about your current job as a Chief Technology Officer at Adeva and how you find your workplace? (Would be great if you share a snapshot of your workplace).

Tosho: Working with Adeva is an amazing lifetime experience. I get to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry and meet ambitious people from all around the globe. I’ve come to realize that working for something you believe in keeps you motivated and eager to continuously grow and learn professionally.

I find the work we do at Adeva to be purposeful and rewarding. The company’s vision is to bring equal opportunities to developers all over the world. Adeva’s Community is built with that vision in mind and it’s amazing to see first-hand how your job impacts the people around you.

I think that another important aspect of the company is that we’re fully remote. We truly believe in work/life balance and giving employees the flexibility to work at their own time, from any location they choose. It helps them be more present in the moment and more engaged in their work.

In our network, we have developers working from more than 20 countries. Limiting your talent pool to one location is not the concept we believe in. We’re a global remote community and people seem to love it.

Hostnoc: You co-founded ‘We Talk IT’. what was the basic reason behind creating this community?

Tosho: As I’ve previously mentioned, giving back to the community is an important part of our work. Our goal is to empower software developers to grow professionally and achieve their career goals. ‘WeTalkIt’ was created with such goals in mind, and it was such a huge success that TechCrunch wrote about it. In a nutshell, WeWalkIt is an informal group of people who come together from time to time to inspire others, offer their mentorship, and network with like-minded individuals.

Hostnoc: Let’s talk about your life. How do you manage to sustain a work-life balance and who inspired you to embark on this career path? Having a smart job of CTO, what do you learn in your day-to-day job that students of IT should heed?

Tosho: Maintaining a perfect work/life balance is challenging. But I love completing my fair share of work over the weekdays and spend the weekend with nature and going hiking. I think that my love for technology came to life when I was a kid and got my first computer. I was always playing with my grandmother’s electronic devices, curious to find out how they operate. It was truly fascinated! So here I am, 20 years later, a CTO of a tech company.

To students studying IT, I’d like to tell them that the most important part of your college years are the friendships you form, the hours you spend volunteering and the effort you put participating in different organizations, helping you grow and develop as a person.

Hostnoc: There are Millions of people using WordPress in the world, WordPress has seen many security flaws in the past, but that didn’t shatter the loyalty that people had in WordPress. What do you think is making WordPress more famous than any other platform?

Tosho: I personally think that the popularity of WordPress lies in its simplicity and ease of use. Anyone, even without any technical background, can create a website relatively easy. It also has a strong support community.

Another great feature of the CMS is the free plugins and themes. Even for developers, WordPress comes as a blessing since there’s no need to code many things that come out of the box. On top of everything, it is free.

Hostnoc: Google is constantly updating its algorithm. Do you think WordPress 5.2 and PHP 7.3 can help websites score better on SERPs?

Tosho: Google is unpredictable. I know that the page speed plays a bigger role than ever before, so I assume having PHP 7.3 will increase the SEO score companies have. However, I don’t think that would be huge.

I believe that the secret of WordPress for SEO is the strong community support that comes with the plugins. There are companies whose business model is SEO for WordPress mainly (eq. Yoast) and I think they are leading this part.

Hostnoc: In one of your blog posts, you talked about Power BI, very few people know about it. Would you care to explain it to our audience, please?

Tosho: Power BI is a business intelligence tool that companies use to visualize data and make better decisions. At the time I blogged about it, we were consulting a few startup companies who were building technology using it.

Hostnoc: Many people are complaining about new editor Gutenberg recently announced by WordPress, what do you think about it as a developer? Is it a positive move for Websites or a negative one?

Tosho: It’s definitely a positive move. Most people are not really used to adopting changes so the reactions are reasonable. One of the main drivers that are moving WordPress forward is keeping up with all the trends. The Gutenberg editor can help users design more dynamic layouts by using a drag-and-drop system. It also provides better mobile responsiveness. I think that publishers that are more into the Medium style editing experience are going to love the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Hostnoc: Hostnoc offers web hosting with fastest loading time. How do you think Hostnoc’s fast loading speed can help businesses rank better on search engines? and what are your views about Hostnoc?

I think speed is becoming inevitable when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Server reliability has become a key factor for high ranking too. Being able to use Serverless Infrastructure and  Container Management nowadays is a big deal for most tech companies and Hostnoc is supporting all of that.

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