Ecommerce Best Practices to Make Your Small Business a Thriving Success

Ecommerce Best Practices to Make Your Small Business a Thriving Success

Ecommerce has now become an important part of our lives. Whether you wish to purchase a pair of shoes or are looking for a treadmill, you can now find every other item in the world of ecommerce.

However, ecommerce has become quite a challenging industry as more and more new entrants are stepping into the limelight. To learn how business owners can increase their conversion rates on ecommerce platforms, we did a bit of research. Here are some interesting tips and tricks that can help you deliver a better ecommerce experience to respective audiences coming to your website.

Ecommerce Best Practices to Make Your Small Business a Thriving Success

Tip # 1: Create an Emotional Appeal

When was the last time you visited an art exhibition? Doesn’t it really tickle your creativity bone? You sort of readily feel as if you are emotionally connected to the artworks. Such emotional connections can really benefit you if you are running an ecommerce store. Use images which can have a significant impact on the minds of your customers. Mapping them in the right manner across your website will ultimately get you better conversions.

Tip # 2: Use Engaging Email Captures

One of the easiest ways of reaching back to the audience is with an amazing offer right in their mailboxes. But, to get there, you will first need their email addresses. People visiting your website will readily divulge their email addresses to you if they are interested in purchasing a product, but in case if they aren’t able to make up their mind, what you need is a strong form format to grab their attention. Bonobos uses a simply amazing strategy to engage customers through email. If they can, why can’t you?

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Tip # 3: Add Value with CTAs

Imagine how would you feel as a customer if an ecommerce store offers you free shipping or a money back guarantee if your purchased product proves faulty? Value proposition is the best way to tap into your customer’s ecommerce experience. Make sure that you add value to products beyond what you sell. It’s a great idea as it not only offers a unique experience to your customers, but also renders it a much delightful one. After all, winning their consent is your ultimate goal and would eventually convince them to bounce back to your store!

Tip # 4: Add Trust Badges If Certified

If you want to win the consent of your customers, win it with ingenuity and authenticity. People put their faith in stores that are certified to sell certain kind of products. If your ecommerce store has earned some certification badges, there is no harm in advertising such on your online store. For instance, trust badges instill in customers a belief that the store will not steal their money. It has enabled several safe checkouts as well to make sure that all transactions are conducted through a secure channel.

Tip # 5: Bake the Perfect Customer Review Recipes

Do you know what made Amazon kick a notch up in their sales value? A part of it was the list of interesting customer reviews published on their website on almost every product. Customer reviews are assurances as they come from people existing outside your ecommerce store. If people purchasing products from your store garner a wonderful experience, you can give them a chance to drop a review by sending a simple email out to them after a month of their purchase. More powerful reviews ultimately sum down to a more loyal base of customers.

Tip # 6: Spread Love Through About Us Page

Approximately 52% of visitors visit the About Us page on your ecommerce website. It makes the About Us page one of the most visited pages on your ecommerce site. Most customers are brand-conscious and hence, they often find their way into the About Us page of your website just to know your brand in-depth. Most of their purchasing decisions are based on who you are and what values you offer. So if your website touts a powerfully compelling About Us page, you can raise your conversion rate up by a whopping 13%.

Tip # 7: Optimize Website Loading Time

The attention span of an average customer is as low as a goldfish. And, if your website doesn’t load up fast enough, there is a fat chance that the customer might shift to a better alternative. Assuming that your website is making $1,000 a day, a webpage that lags behind just a few seconds ultimately results in costing a business up to $25,000 annually. Are you wondering how your website performs? There are several tools that can help you check the ping and speed.

Tip # 8: Optimize and Make it Mobile Friendly

Last but not the least, make sure that your ecommerce store is optimized for mobile devices. A majority of audience around the world make their relevant purchases using smartphone devices. Hence, it is increasingly important that you make your ecommerce website as mobile friendly as possible. Also, while you are there, make sure that it is performance-oriented for mobile devices as well.

Wrapping it Up

Ecommerce websites are a wonderful way to send your business out on the Internet. But, with the competition immensely growing and more ecommerce platforms making their way into the market, the need to optimize your ecommerce store has become mandatory. Need an ecommerce store that has all the right elements needed to earn success in business? Try making use of these best ecommerce practices.

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