How Affordable Dedicated Server Can Help You Polish Up Your Business Performance

How Affordable Dedicated Server Can Help You Polish Up Your Business Performance

We have reached an era where cloud networking and security are of immense importance. People are more apprehensive about data loss than they are about their physical losses. Unfortunately, with the rise of incidents in cyber-espionage and data theft, SMBs rely more on remote dedicated servers than in-house dedicated servers.

When an organization is searching for an affordable dedicated server, they either end up purchasing an entire server or renting a space in a particular server hosted in a data center. Such a server which is dedicating a space for your project at an off-site location is what we call a dedicated server. You can launch as many websites as you want and run any business of your choice in a safe environment within a dedicated server.

However, buying a dedicated server can sometimes become a cumbersome task. When we talk about affordability, we often wonder what our options are and what one should look for in a dedicated server.

Here are some important considerations to make before purchasing the best dedicated server for your next digital website.

1) Operating System

The market is widespread, and several different operating systems are being used to host different servers. However, the two types of dedicated servers that are most widely used are Windows dedicated servers and Linux dedicated servers. As far as Microsoft Window servers are concerned, they are the best option to hostASP.NET codes, MS SQL Server and the use of Microsoft IIS. However, if you are comfortable with open source stacks, a Linux dedicated server is your best resort.

Whichever dedicated server you choose to host your website on, you need to make sure that it backs all the necessary features that support the requirements of your operating system.

2) Support

Server hosting can be a critical process entailing frequent attention. In case your server experiences downtime, you want a support executive who can help you resolve it. All support agents aren’t as tech savvy as we expect them to be. Therefore, while you are out there hunting the right dedicated server for your website, make sure that support agents are high up on technical knowledge as well. After all, you want someone who can help you resolve hardware as well as software issues on the go.

Since response time is a major factor, make sure that your hosting provider tends to your needs readily.

3) Bandwidth

What is bandwidth? It defines the connection between a server and a user. It revolves around two aspects; data transfer and uplink speed. If your data transfer and uplink speed go up, you get a high bandwidth; and in case it gets down, you have a low bandwidth. If your website consumes a lot of resources to run or if it incorporates myriad dynamic elements, you need a server that offers high bandwidth. High-powered networks alleviate redundancy and promise a stable uptime of up to 99%-100%.

One thing you need to make sure while searching for an affordable dedicated server is if it offers a high bandwidth so that your website doesn’t suffer any downtime.

4) Hardware

Servers are backed up and run by server programs such as Apache or MySQL. Such programs rely heavily on processor speed and server memory. In fact, websites which have audio/video elements further require a higher operating speed along with a good storage. Your dedicated server will only be able to provide you the best service if it works on the right hardware that sufficiently fulfills all of these requirements. Hardware focal for servers can be defined by their specifications and brand.

5) Monitoring

Server management is at the heart of a well-performing dedicated server. If your hosting provider isn’t offering you effective monitoring of your servers, you definitely need to think your choice though. Most dedicated server providers offer a range of instruments that allow you to perform effective time-tracking, analyze data usage and track server performance. These tools are often a part of a UI based interface on the server management screen, or it is handled by a range of professionals at the back end. Irrespective of how your service provider offers you the service, monitoring is an important aspect and you need to make sure that your dedicated server comes with it.

6) Security

Last but not the least, make sure that the dedicated server that you are about to launch for your next digital product is secure. Data is an important commodity and most of your valuable information relevant to your website is stored on these servers. Sometimes they are stored temporarily as cached data, or permanently in the database. Hackers deploy a range of cyber-attack software, specifically targeting invaders, spammers, hackers, and other harmful problems such as Trojans and worms. The benefit of having a dedicated server here is that it keeps itself regularly updated and equipped to deal with ambushes of all nature.

7) DataCenters

It is also important that the dedicated server that you are about to launch has a datacenter located nearest to your location. With a Tier 4 data center, you can get a website uptime and performance that will make sure to keep redundancy levels in check. Besides, the location of a data center has a more significant impact on your website performance and your target audience than areas which does not. When searching for an affordable dedicated server, make sure that your hosting provider has a data center located nearest to your location.

Selecting a dedicated server for your digital business is not an easy task. However, if you consider some important factors and define the selections carefully, you can reap some satisfactory outcomes of it. HostNoc is a digital agency excelling in server management and DDoS Protection. If you are looking for a service that does not involve you into the complexities of management and deliver you outstanding service, then we are here to help you all the way.

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