How Infrastructure as a Service Can Deliver Value for Your Business?

How Infrastructure as a Service Can Deliver Value for Your Business?

Taking care of modern data centers is not a piece of cake. From taking care of hardware to taking frequent backups to ensure your data stay safe in case of a disaster, it is not only challenging but also very expensive. Thankfully, you can make this task easy by partnering with Infrastructure as a Service providers.

If you’re not sure whether  you should choose software as a service, platform as a service or infrastructure as a service, then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn about seven ways in which infrastructure as a service can deliver business by allowing you to focus on your core business.

1.   Ensure Business Continuity

Every business wants to remain accessible to their customers. Despite this, very few businesses and IT departments prioritize disaster recovery and business continuity. Few organizations have proper disaster recovery systems in place. As a result, they end up paying a hefty price for recovering from a disaster because they are not prepared to handle such situations. Thankfully, this is not the case with IaaS. Most IaaS providers offer robust disaster recovery solutions to ensure that your business stays up and running despite all the odds.

2.   Deliver a Better User Experience

With more and more people accessing organizational resources from both inside and outside, it will start to impact the user experience negatively. When the number of concurrent users accessing your resources increases, you will have to make some compromises on performance and user experience, especially if you have not upgraded resources to accommodate the increase in demand.

IaaS providers have a geographically diverse network of data centers that delivers a seamless user experience irrespective of where the user is accessing your resources from.

3.   Align IT With Business Needs

With your IT support personnel having too much on their plates, they are preoccupied with their day to day tasks and rarely get time to think about aligning IT with business goals. That is why we see a disconnect between IT and business goals.

You can reduce the burden from their shoulders by outsourcing many tasks to service providers so that your IT team can focus on aligning IT goals with business goals. This will allow them to find solutions to specific business problems affecting your business.

4.    Reduces Costs

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is the lower upfront cost. You don’t have to purchase expensive hardware. You only have to pay for software licensing costs. With IaaS, you don’t have to hire trained staff to manage everything on your behalf.

Moreover, you also save up on lighting, cooling and heating expenses. When you combine all the money you save,by investing in an infrastructure as a service model, it seems like a sensible decision.

5.   Scalability

The pace at which businesses are evolving demands a scalable solution, which is why most businesses are looking for a solution that can not only fulfill their current needs but also accommodates their future needs. Yes, you might have the best dedicated servers in-house but they pale in comparison to what the IaaS has to offer.

You can scale resources exponentially with minimal cost thanks to partner resources. Unfortunately, that is not the case with your in-house data centers, which offer limited room for scalability. You also save up on utilities, staffing, physical storage and equipment costs.

6.   Support and Maintenance

In most cases, IaaS providers have better processes and procedures in place and when you combine that with their team of skilled technicians, you can get the best of both worlds. Their staff have experience in managing infrastructure for hundreds of companies and can do a much better job at it than your in house IT team.

This allows them to deliver better support and maintenance facilities to their customers. What this means is that even if something goes wrong, you can contact the support department and they will solve your problem.

7.   Security

As the number of data breaches impacting business grows, businesses have started taking cybersecurity seriously. The good news is that most IaaS providers have stepped up their game when it comes to cybersecurity and offers an infrastructure security architecture which is hacker-proof.

In addition to this, IaaS providers also have access to the best tools and human resources, which most businesses don’t. Finding and hiring security professionals is costly and difficult for businesses. Some IaaS providers go a step further and offer 24/7 monitoring facilities, which gives you the peace of mind.

How do you think that IaaS can benefit your business? Have your say in the comments section below.

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